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October 10 2010

The beatles in highgate, north london, during the photo shoot that became known as the beatles' mad day out

Ringo Starr, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison in Highgate, north London, during the photo shoot that became known as the Beatles' Mad Day Out because they visited so many London locations. Here, Paul wears a Liverpool FC rosette - though he has since admitted to a preference for Everton. Photographer Don McCullin used the faster Ektachrome film for more vivid colours

The Beatles' last picture show | Mail Online
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September 24 2010

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September 23 2010


The Moneyless Man: How Did Mark Boyle Spend A Year Without Spending A Dollar?

In 2008, economics graduate and former businessman Mark Boyle gave up the one resource we all crave more of: money. He sold his house, found a place to live where he could trade labor directly for accommodation, set up a rocket stove made from discarded catering cans, a solar shower, a veggie garden, and a compost toilet. And on November 28th (International Buy Nothing Day 2008), he became The Moneyless Man.

In his new book "The Moneyless Man: A Year Of Freeconomic Living," Mark tells us how he did it and why. He answers practical questions, offers useful tips to cut down daily expenses, and relays the philosophical lessons he learned. What Mark discovered is that not only could he successfully eliminate his bills and reduce his carbon footprint, but that by living without money he ended up more productive, healthier and happier than ever.

In the slideshow, Mark documents all the challenges and experiences of his moneyless year.

For more information about Mark and his book, check out his profile for CNN.

Living The Slow Life
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Everything in Mark’s life takes a lot longer as part of his new moneyless routine. Washing his clothes takes a couple of hours of scrubbing with hand-made soap. Even a cup of tea takes half an hour to make! But Mark says, “It's all worth it in the end because the feeling of liberation and connection with nature it has afforded me more than compensates for the minor inconveniences."


September 20 2010

1953 fc79
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CSI scurf

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Pixel sofa :)

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beer opener
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Dirty car art by Scott Wade. Something more than just "wash me". Actually having that kind of image on my car would definitely prevent me from washing it ;-).
Those and more on Scott Wade's Dirty Car Art.
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September 16 2010

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September 10 2010


Bond & brook by d_raw

This restaurant interior wrapped in a curtain of mirrored fins by London architecture and interiors firm d-raw has opened at the Fenwick department store on London’s New Bond Street. More »

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Dezeen architecture and design magazine
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September 09 2010


September 02 2010

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